Competition Rule & Regulations


The Great Indian Wedding Race


Register yourself with details & share the best pic of you & your partner.

Get Likes & Views

Get more likes to your picture to enter stage 2 &
Get more views for your reel to enter stage 3

Win Race

Compete with all the top 15 candidates over the 10 games to win your dream destination wedding.

Level 1

Register & Get Likes

Register yourself with details & share the best pic of you & your partner. Once the profile goes live get as many as likes to step to level 2

Level 1:


  1. Eligibility:

   – Participants should be getting married within the next 6 to 8 months.

   – Participants must be above 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys.

   – Participants must be Indian citizens girls or boys.


  1. Registration:

   – Couples must register on the official website to participate in The Great Indian Wedding Race.

   – Only one entry will be allowed per couple. In case of multiple entries, both entries will be disqualified.


  1. Registration Fee:

   – For the first 50 couples there is no registration fee, be the first to register yourselves before you miss the chance. 

   – A one-time registration fee will be collected during the registration process.

   – The early bird offer registration fee is INR 1999/-, till 18th August. After that, the fee will be INR 3,999/-.

   – The registration period will close on [Soon TBD] Due to high demand we have extened our registration dates


  1. Level 1 Voting:

   – Voting for Level 1 will take place on our official Instagram page.

   – Participants’ profiles will be posted as an Instagram posts, and the number of likes will be considered for counting votes.

   – The voting period for Level 1 will start on [TBD] and end on [TBD].

   – The top 50 couples with the most likes on the offical page will move to Level 2 and be announced on [TBD]


Record & Get Views

Record the best of your couple and get as many as views to step to level 3

Level 2

Level 2:


  1. Reel Submission:

   – The 50 couples selected from Level 1 must shoot a reel with the provided audio and share it with the organizers within the given time frame [TBD].


  1. Level 2 Voting:

   – The reels of the 50 couples will be posted on the official Instagram page.

   – Voting for Level 2 will be based on the number of views received for each reel.

   – The voting period for Level 2 will start on [TBD] and end on [TBD].

   – The top 15 couples with the highest views on their reels on the offical page will advance to Level 3 and be announced on [TBD].


Level 3

Win games with you partner, Win the race

Win games throughout level 3 with your partner against all other candidates and full fill your dream of a destination wedding.

Level 3:

  1. Final Competition:

   – The top 15 participant couples will travel to the venue in Bangalore (the Venue will be disclosed later) for a 3-5 days competition.

   – Two-Three games will be conducted for the day, and all 15 couples will participate to win for the day.

   – The judges’ decision will be final and binding for each game.

   – The final round games period will be announced soon; tentative dates start on [TBD] and end on [TBD].

  1. Daily Scoring:

   – The couple with the highest score for the day’s games will be awarded the chance to stay in a comfortable luxury room.

   – The couples who missed the win for the day will have to spend the night in tents with a campfire with the rest of the other couples.

  1. Accumulating Points:

   – The 15 couples will compete throughout the three to five days with ten competitions to accumulate the most points.

   – The couple with the highest overall score at the end of the 3rd or 5th day will be declared the competition winner.

  1. Winner Announcement:

   – The winner of The Great Indian Wedding Race will be announced during a gala dinner on [TBD].

  1. Winning couple to get married within 6 months after completion of the competition.

Please note that these Competition Rules & Regulations are specific to The Great Indian Wedding Race. Participants are responsible for reviewing and understanding these rules before registering and participating in the competition. The organizers reserve the right to modify these rules at any time and will provide notice of any updates on the competition’s official communication channels. The dates mentioned depend on the tentative timeline; in case of any technical issues or demands over the online process, it could be extended, and the on-site depending on the weather scenarios, might get changed.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules and regulations, please get in touch with us at